Monday, September 6, 2010

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Eye Palette

I nagged my husband to get this palette and the Shimmer Brick Compact for me while he was on the plane from Dubai to Karachi. So he basically got it from the Emirates In-flight Duty Free. Both the palettes cost Dh.204 each(so worth the money) ;)

These are basically pearly, pastel hues. From left to right: Sunshine(gold champagne), Glisten(lovely icy white), Iris(two-toned gold lavender), Blush(fresh baby pink), Tangerine(pale peachy orange), Surf(sexy sky blue), Grass(pale gold/pale moss green), Petunia(rosy/tea pink), Bronze(pink tinged bronze), Peachy(self explanatory). 
They are all very shimmery colors  and so sheer that they seem very similar when applied in a light single layer. I normally apply them with a wet applicator to enhance the color. It works wonderfully that way. By the way the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow brush comes along with the palette.

*I've applied these with a wet applicator. I hope it helps you figure out how they would look.

*sorry my camera ain't all that great.

The compact ain't all that big. Its almost the size of  a credit card.

Final Verdict: ME LOVEEE! You can use it for an overall wash on the lid casually or along with other darker colors for formal events. I wish the colors were better pigmented though, but otherwise i suppose they are meant to be used for a single soft color wash!

So do any of you own this palette? Let me know your opinions...

Stay Gorgeous,
Yummy Mummy.
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