Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Makeup Blending Sponge

Awesome sponge i must say!

Okay i love this sponge and whenever i do my makeup i tend to reach for it to apply my "mousse or gel" foundation. Yes my ladies, do not use a water based foundation with it since you will use up twice the amount of foundation needed for your desired coverage. The sponge like any other or Beauty Blender will absorb all the water based foundation. But while using your desired foundation use it dry for heavier coverage and damp for a sheerer finish.

Some people might compare it to the all famous Beauty Blender sponge but a dupe is a dupe for a reason people!!! DUH! I.E. The finish will not be as flawless as the Beauty Blender but as good., almost close, in fact you cant tell the difference unless you observe very closely...
This product is an absolute must have accessory for every girl, esp. since its so affordable.

Like the Beauty Blender you use it in the same "bounce and twist motion". The rounded end is to be used o the larger areas of the face while the pointed end is to cover the nooks and crannies like the edges of the mouth, nose and eye areas.

This sponge costs AED30 while Beauty Blender retails for  AED85-90 in the United Arab Emirates. That's less than half the price of Beauty Blender! I must say its a steal! It comes in an assortment of colors too.

Damp sponge
 You can purchase it from Girlie Stuffs on Facebook or order from her on Instagram. Her instagram is @girlie_stuffs.

So try the sponge out and lemme know what you think!

P.S. This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes and my opinion is completely honest.

Stay Gorgeous! ;)
Yummy Mummy.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Good Girl Gone Bad....

This girl was sold out within a few hours after the launch.
 I believe that's enough to brag about this gorgeous lippie! 
Now you guys already know im fan of Rihanna's, and Ruby Woo is a personal favorite of hers. And whats even better is a Ruby Woo with Rihanna's signature!!! AAAAAAAAAA! So some of you may not be surprised by this craziness of mine... :D
I am totally in love with this retro red matte lipstick. Very wearable and a red that looks good on every damn skin tone!!! Just top it up with neutral eyeshadow and black winged eyeliner and you're done! 

True Love!!!

True love!!! Thats what comes to my mind whenever i wear this lippie! Love RiRi, my girl's signature on the bullet.


In natural lighting
w/o flash
Whats not to love!
So those of you who didn't want to grab this Limited Edition baby when you got the chance BOOO! And those of you who tried but failed, SADDDDD! Just kidding people! You still have a chance... Try ebay and be ready to pay double the price, or maybe triple. ;)
I bought mine from Branded Cosmetics. Lovely lady managing her business and a baby. Shes on Instagram too! Riri collection is sold out but she has lots of other great makeup and skincare! Do check her out!

Let me know if you grabbed anything from the RIRI Collection....or not. And what do you regret not buying!

Stay Gorgeous!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Happening Fuchsia...

We all know how happening fuschia lips are lately... Ramps, streets, malls, blogs, you see fuschia lips everywhere! And i love the color on my favorite woman, Rihanna!

So here goes a few pics of my favorite wearable+affordable fuchsia lippie. None other than NYX Addis Ababa!!!

Addis Ababa is a soft matte lip creme in a buildable fuchsia shade. Let me tell you one of the great things about these matte lippies. They are not drying at all, unlike Illamasqua matte lipsticks which are so matte that they go on uneven and sometime even MAC lipsticks are too drying...

To get an intense color you have to layer the lip creme over a few times, and you have to wait a few seconds between each layer to dry. Although it might be a con for some i believe one can use it to their advantage if they aren't comfortable with intensely bright color. Besides all the layering gives it super staying power ;)
I bought this and a quite a few other NYX products from a favourite beauty seller on facebook Girlie Stuffs, so do check her out if you're interested. She is super efficient and very helpful in answering queries.

single layer
YUMMM...Thats how intense it is in bright lighting!

 Let me know your opinion on fuchsia lippies. Is it the color for you or is it too bright for you?
P.S. I would have loved to show you a lip swatch but my face is kinda red due to dermaplaning, day one... :| sorry about that!

Yummy Mummy <3

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

NOTD - Mandarin Nails!

O.P.I A Good Man-Darin Is Hard To Find was launched in the O.P.I Hong Kong Collection Spring 2010

Felt like flaunting some polish after ages of potty changing :p
So here i go....

looks dull in the bottle (trust me its not)


A Good Man-Darin Is Hard To Find is a bright saturated orange, more like a reddish-orange creme which looks neon! Its so bright it can easily pass for a neon! Scroll down to see what I mean ;)

See the effect on the middle finger!

OMG! see what i mean! Super bright!

I purchased it here from Nazih Store at Etihad Mall, Dubai. Retails here for AED38. So if you are into bright summery colors, this one is for you to definitely try!

Love it or not your type of color?
Im all ears!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NOTD... Coral Mania!!!

I got a couple of nail polishes from a salon supplies store. They are called AC Nail Polish. The bottle doesnt state where they are made or the contents list... And the bottles are surprisingly shaped like OPI bottles. 
The cost AED15 compared the the OPI which cost AED 36.

The color payoff was good but i would like to add that to get the perfect coverage I had to apply several coats! Besides they don't take forever to dry...

color fashion brightly colored 028
I've been loving bright colored Nail polishes lately :D

Hope you like the color!!!
Stray Gorgeous,
Yummy Mummy

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Fairy Eclipse Green Contact Lenses

These gorgeous contacts were given to me for review by Girlie Stuffs. She has a whole lot of contact lenses collection to choose from so do check em out here

I'm kinda hesitant when it comes to wearing colored contact lenses if they are bright colored... I don't really like the contacts colors to "pop". These were ideally natural looking beside the fact that they were green!!! They are of a little more expensive range though and cost AED120.

The color without wearing would seem quite dramatic to you but once you wear them they look very natural, almost like a gorgeous mysterious dark green...

I.Fairy Eclipse Green

These super sized contact lenses have the diameter of 16.2mm and make your eyes look huge!

They come in these cute little sealed bottles and you get a free lens case too!

For comfort i would give them an 8/10 since im not totally comfortable wearing them for a long time and it feels like im wearing contacts unlike my other more comfortable contacts.

For color I'd give them a 9/10. They are just the ideal color for me (for now). Dark green and mysterious and super big!!!

Sorry if the makeup looks blotchy! took the pics at the end of the day!

My eyes look gorgeous in them! Definitely a color for Asian skin tones!
Order them here!!!

Much love...

Stay Gorgeous,
Yummy Mummy!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Recent Mini Haul

Hi folks! I bought this stuff on impulse while my recent trip to Sephora, Dubai Mall. :D 

Benefit Prrrowl, Too-faced Shadow Insurance Candlelight, Konad Double-sided Stamp
Benefit Prrrowl, AED135
 Even though this was bought on impulse, i loved this product. This double-ended product has a gorgeous mascara with turquoise glitter flecks on one end and a smile brightening lip gloss with light blue glitter flecks for the very purpose of brightening, on the other!

Too-faced Shadow Insurance Candlelight
This works as good as the original Shadow Insurance, but this primer comes with a gorgeous gold shimmer!

Hope you liked my teeny weeny haul! Luv ya!

Yummy Mummy.
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