Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Good Girl Gone Bad....

This girl was sold out within a few hours after the launch.
 I believe that's enough to brag about this gorgeous lippie! 
Now you guys already know im fan of Rihanna's, and Ruby Woo is a personal favorite of hers. And whats even better is a Ruby Woo with Rihanna's signature!!! AAAAAAAAAA! So some of you may not be surprised by this craziness of mine... :D
I am totally in love with this retro red matte lipstick. Very wearable and a red that looks good on every damn skin tone!!! Just top it up with neutral eyeshadow and black winged eyeliner and you're done! 

True Love!!!

True love!!! Thats what comes to my mind whenever i wear this lippie! Love RiRi, my girl's signature on the bullet.


In natural lighting
w/o flash
Whats not to love!
So those of you who didn't want to grab this Limited Edition baby when you got the chance BOOO! And those of you who tried but failed, SADDDDD! Just kidding people! You still have a chance... Try ebay and be ready to pay double the price, or maybe triple. ;)
I bought mine from Branded Cosmetics. Lovely lady managing her business and a baby. Shes on Instagram too! Riri collection is sold out but she has lots of other great makeup and skincare! Do check her out!

Let me know if you grabbed anything from the RIRI Collection....or not. And what do you regret not buying!

Stay Gorgeous!


  1. Yep. I grabbed one of the RiRi collection product. Got me self Retro matte lipstick in Heaux. A GORGEOUS burgundy purple color. Though when i got it home, i realized i have a very close color in Lancome. :(

    Oh Well...i still love it. ♡♡♡♡

  2. oh are you talking about the one from Lancome in love collection?


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