Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Happening Fuchsia...

We all know how happening fuschia lips are lately... Ramps, streets, malls, blogs, you see fuschia lips everywhere! And i love the color on my favorite woman, Rihanna!

So here goes a few pics of my favorite wearable+affordable fuchsia lippie. None other than NYX Addis Ababa!!!

Addis Ababa is a soft matte lip creme in a buildable fuchsia shade. Let me tell you one of the great things about these matte lippies. They are not drying at all, unlike Illamasqua matte lipsticks which are so matte that they go on uneven and sometime even MAC lipsticks are too drying...

To get an intense color you have to layer the lip creme over a few times, and you have to wait a few seconds between each layer to dry. Although it might be a con for some i believe one can use it to their advantage if they aren't comfortable with intensely bright color. Besides all the layering gives it super staying power ;)
I bought this and a quite a few other NYX products from a favourite beauty seller on facebook Girlie Stuffs, so do check her out if you're interested. She is super efficient and very helpful in answering queries.

single layer
YUMMM...Thats how intense it is in bright lighting!

 Let me know your opinion on fuchsia lippies. Is it the color for you or is it too bright for you?
P.S. I would have loved to show you a lip swatch but my face is kinda red due to dermaplaning, day one... :| sorry about that!

Yummy Mummy <3


Positive criticism is always welcome...I'd love to hear you out!

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