Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Recent Mini Haul

Hi folks! I bought this stuff on impulse while my recent trip to Sephora, Dubai Mall. :D 

Benefit Prrrowl, Too-faced Shadow Insurance Candlelight, Konad Double-sided Stamp
Benefit Prrrowl, AED135
 Even though this was bought on impulse, i loved this product. This double-ended product has a gorgeous mascara with turquoise glitter flecks on one end and a smile brightening lip gloss with light blue glitter flecks for the very purpose of brightening, on the other!

Too-faced Shadow Insurance Candlelight
This works as good as the original Shadow Insurance, but this primer comes with a gorgeous gold shimmer!

Hope you liked my teeny weeny haul! Luv ya!

Yummy Mummy.


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