Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Fairy Eclipse Green Contact Lenses

These gorgeous contacts were given to me for review by Girlie Stuffs. She has a whole lot of contact lenses collection to choose from so do check em out here

I'm kinda hesitant when it comes to wearing colored contact lenses if they are bright colored... I don't really like the contacts colors to "pop". These were ideally natural looking beside the fact that they were green!!! They are of a little more expensive range though and cost AED120.

The color without wearing would seem quite dramatic to you but once you wear them they look very natural, almost like a gorgeous mysterious dark green...

I.Fairy Eclipse Green

These super sized contact lenses have the diameter of 16.2mm and make your eyes look huge!

They come in these cute little sealed bottles and you get a free lens case too!

For comfort i would give them an 8/10 since im not totally comfortable wearing them for a long time and it feels like im wearing contacts unlike my other more comfortable contacts.

For color I'd give them a 9/10. They are just the ideal color for me (for now). Dark green and mysterious and super big!!!

Sorry if the makeup looks blotchy! took the pics at the end of the day!

My eyes look gorgeous in them! Definitely a color for Asian skin tones!
Order them here!!!

Much love...

Stay Gorgeous,
Yummy Mummy!

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