Friday, September 3, 2010

Olay Regenerist Thermal Skin Polisher

I bought this product from Hyperstar in Lahore at Fortress (for about Rs700-800), surprisingly cheap and i bugged my brother in law until he bought it too. Well he started using it before i did actually, and to my surprise he couldn't stop talking about how awesome this product is, from THE VERY FIRST DAY!

I thought its high time i give it a try and find out for myself.

Olay Regenerist Thermal Skin Polisher
The label says: Olay Regenerist Thermal Skin Polisher regenerates skin's appearance for a beautifully polished texture and renewed vibrancy.You can achieve mini-peel results after 10 days. The key to this breakthrough experience is the water-activated self-heating formula that deeply warms skin to relax you. The gentle micro-crystal formula then polishes away dead skin cells, revealing newer skin after rinsing.

What I say: This is one product i would buy again! First of all it is not harsh and beady like other facial scrubs. Secondly it isn't messy like other exfoliators which mostly aren't meant for oily, sensitive skin. Olay do not call this product an exfoliator; they call it a Thermal Skin Polisher. I wonder if that is because a lot of people including me have tried exfoliators and found them a little too harsh on the face!
Although i didn't see results from the very first day, like my brother in law did, after the first 2 days i could still feel a change in my skin.
Even though this product should be used daily, for me thrice a week is enough. You get the results and the product doesn't get over soon :p.(you cant find this product easily here).

Exfoliation is the process of removal of dead skin cells that lay on the surface of the skin. These dead cells give the appearance of tired dull skin. As the dead skin cells shed away,  newer fresher cells underneath are revealed, giving a brighter fresher look. It takes around 28 days for the new cells to reach the surface. Therefore, with any skin care it sometimes takes that long to see a visible improvement. This is not stated on skin care products in general (surprisingly, not even Olay state this fact, even though with Olay it takes hardly a week!), which is why many of us give up after a week or so thinking it is showing no improvement!

I have skin discoloration and this product has worked wonders for me. The dark patches have become lighter and my skin feels refreshed and glowy. I thought i was the only one seeing the results until my sister in law complimented me on my skin "looking fresh" recently.

What to expect: Initially when the cream comes in contact with your skin, it feels really warm (it has micro-crystals and glycolic acid too, so make sure to apply a moisturizer with an SPF after use). Rub it into your face with water and it warms up your face all over. It feels like its working itself into your pores!

Final Verdict: I'm very impressed with this product and the improvement I can see on my skin, and will continue to use this for now, until i come across something with much better results and as affordable as this one ;)

I would suggest you buy this product now!

Stay Gorgeous,
Yummy Mummy.

Waiting for your verdict. Do comment.

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  1. Hello, Im brazilian and Live in Pakistan, now in Islamabad, but before I was living in Lahore and I also purchased this very same product and also loved it..I purchased from Jalal Sons..:)

    I would recommend anyone to give it a try


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