Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Recent Haul

On my recent Ramadan cum Eid trip to Lahore i got a few things that i don't regret buying at all! I just love shopping in Lahore, Defence, Liberty, M.M. Alam Road are the places one must visit if you plan on shopping for good stuff.... This haul is from Al Fatah, D.H.A.

1) M.A.C 275 Angled Eyeshadow Brush (Thailand). Its an A+ GRADE replica. Rs.375.

2) Kryolan Professional Eye Contour Brush. Excellent for blending into the crease for the smokey effect. Rs.480.

3)  M.A.C 168 Large Angled Contour Brush (Thailand), (sorry it looks a lil fuzzy, i had washed them and didn't let them dry properly before taking the pictures). Rs.460.

4)M.A.C 187 Stippling/Finishing/Bronzing/Blush Brush. This one is the original M.A.C and its worth Rs.5080. I wish i would have opted for the Thailand replica for this one too!!! It costed Rs.800 and was, as i said an amaaazinggg replica. My sister in law bought that one and it gave the same finish as the original one!

5) D.M.G.M Foundation Brush. Rs.895.

6)Mai Shani Foundation Brush 115. This is an unknown Korean brand. I just bought this brush because it was ultra soft and gave an excellent coverage. Rs.95.


These are all for now. I have bought a few other things from my trip which i will cover in my next post. Till guys lemme know your opinions on good quality replicas? What do you think of the ones I posted about?

Stay Gorgeous,
Yummy Mummy.


  1. Nice haul!
    I definitely need to do some brush shopping next time I got to Pakistan!

    However, I think you got waaay overcharged for the MAC 187. You got it for almost $60!!! Over in America, it's sold for $42!!!

  2. i know that's sad, makes me feel worse!!! :( my aunt in U.S. wont be coming over soon...i couldn't wait...
    they tend to overcharge for the international brands here everywhere!!!

  3. how did you get replica's ,,?? they didnt show me replica's when i was there ..GRR i hate them but hey lovely brushes :P

  4. @sarah

    i just told them that buyin all the originals would blow off my budget and then they were like we even have A grade replicas!

  5. I need your help shopping! seriously! u know why right?? lol-Nida

  6. wow! is there any place in Karachi where they might have such replicas? I have an original 187 but seeing your haul, I want another and a dupe would be so much nicer to my wallet.
    Also, which place would you suggest for original make up in Karachi? Agha's or Ebco?
    Have heard Naheed's prices are better but do they have variety as well?

  7. i don't know where you could get these in karachi... i honestly feel Lahore is a way better place to shop! :)

    Agha's, EBCO and Naheed all are good, i go to all three but you should look around other places around Ashiana. I recently saw a whole range of TIGI'S at Lodhi's in Ashiana.


Positive criticism is always welcome...I'd love to hear you out!

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