Friday, February 11, 2011

Baby Foot... Wanna compete with my feet??? :P

I am obsessed with clean, beautiful feet... My feet should be squeaky clean, moisturized and spotless!!!! (not that they actually are!). That's how obsessed I am!

This product that I'm going to talk about works wonders! It worked for my feet (sorry I'm not brave enough to share a pic of my feet so you'd have to take my word on it, besides they are flaking right now, which is a part of the cleaning process ;)). I would never ever promote a product that i don't approve of, i promise that.


The pack contains a pair of plastic socks which contain a lotion with natural fruit acids, which help in peeling off the dead skin cells and a pack of tapes to secure the sock on each foot. The lotion should be thoroughly rubbed onto the feet (don't forget to rub between the toes). Keep it on for 2 hours (or half an hour more if you are feet crazed like me :p) Wash off well after removing and let the absorbed acids do the magic.


After 2 to 7 days you would notice the skin starting to peel off (not a pretty sight, I know and it took my mean, hard skin 5 friggin' days!). But to gain something you gotta lose something. DO NOT APPLY A MOISTURIZER! It will hinder the peeling process. Peeling would go on for another 10 to 15 days. Remember to exfoliate the peeling skin with a soft loofah or pumice to remove the hanging dead skin esp. in a bath or whenever you wash your feet.
My feet are ALMOST spotless (i believe the spots would go after 1 or 2 more applications, not more than that). They are still peeling though as its just been 14 days since my first application. I haven't moisturized my feet since then.
All of this is better explained here


P.S. I have NOT been paid by this company in any way and i have not received anything free from this company! The product I have reviewed about is bought by me, I've paid 66AED for it at Spinneys. So if I'm saying it works, it really does and as stated on the pack, this process should be repeated after every 2-3 months and so i will be buying it again.

*the pics on this post are not owned by me. My mistake that i didnt take this product seriously at first and threw away the packaging...

I can't stop bragging about how good this product is :p
Have you used this product? What is your take on it? Any questions or concerns regarding Baby Foot? Feel free to comment or ask...

Till then,
Stay Gorgeous,
Yummy Mummy.


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