Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Doll Eyed ^-^

I'd firstly like to clear out that i have not been paid or given anything free from the seller or company! The product i would review was purchased by me online... This review had been in my pending list for a loooong time!

I wear prescription glasses 24/7 and those of you wear them know already how they leave those horrible marks on the bridge of your nose, no matter how light those glasses are! Besides you cant go everywhere wearing your glasses....and so i regularly wear contacts too. Those of you who are regular on contacts would also know how important the comfort factor is. The contacts should feel like you are wearing nothing at all. The shouldn't irritate the eyes.... I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, so we gotta be really careful what quality contacts we buy and from where!

These are my favorite contact lens. I've bought them for AED80. They are called Barbie Eye Shadow Gray. They are 15.8mm in diameter and are supposed to make you eyes "look bigger". They fall in the category of super-sized contact lenses. And even though they have an intricate swirly design the look very natural... 
I don't personally think that they made my eyes look big but the did make them look more defined.... and pretty :D
They are extremely comfortable to wear and do not irritate the eyes at all. 
You even get a free lens case along with your order in a sealed bottle!

lol my eyes look funny :D

If you are interested in buying these contact lenses or any other, you can contact Girlie Stuffs or check out her blog for more information. She has a huge collection. She is extremely sweet and responds instantly! I bug her with questions all the time and she doesn't mind at all! (she's not a friend of mine, i don't know her personally and I'm not promoting her! She is just a seller who i trust and would love to deal with again). Her collection is extremely affordable too...

 Here is a whole pic of mine wearing Barbie Eye Shadow Gray.

Lemme know what you think of my contacts...
Kiss kiss,

Yummy Mummy.


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