Wednesday, December 22, 2010

VLCC Kajal...

I am a Kajal(kohl) fanatic and so the type of  products I use "inside" my eyes are of great importance to me! Also my kajal should be dark... very dark actually!
Before VLCC Kajal i used to go for the usual Hashmi Kajal which i feel right now, is pretty average compared to the VLCC Kajal.

AED 15 wt:4.9 grams

When it comes to herbal brands, I completely trust VLCC. It is an India based, international high end brand, which has had ambassadors like the great actress Shabana Azmi (on extreme left) and Vandana Luthra (the owner of VLCC) in the middle.
Read here about VLCC (Vandana Luthra Curls and Curves)

I had joined VLCC for a Toning Treatment and got complimentary discounts on the salon services, and while getting my hair cut and my favorite Paraffin Mani Pedi done the sales lady at the counter showed me a few products that caught my interest. One of them was the VLCC Kajal Tube. I asked her if this one was dark and worth buying. Well she had to say yes, right? After all that's what she was here for! But i took a chance...

What caught my interest was that it contained products which acually brighten your eye. It contains liquorice root extract, natural essence of almond oil, netra anjan, triphala, camphor and indian gooseberry(amla). Liquorice root extract cools your eyes, giving them that perfect shine and almond oil brightens your eyes while triphala helps maintain good vision.
The tube also says that it relaxes your eyes without smudging, though i wouldn't agree on the 'without smudging' part. The kajal does smudge fairly, which I believe is because of the intense dark color and the creamy texture.

The color is extremely dark and intense. The application is smooth. It has a mildy oily/creamy texture. It lasts for a pretty long time (approx 4 to 6 hours). It doesn't irritate the eye and since I'm a contact lens wearer, thankfully no allergies too.
This product is totally herbal and thus safe to use.

So, do you love dark intense eyes? Do you have a favorite kohl/kajal? Lemme know....!

Stay Gorgeous,


  1. i'll send it to you from Dubai if you want... what say?

  2. THANK YU but aray nahi yar. I dont want you to go through all this trouble. IF you can try get lotus herbal kajal there. its lovely too but nothing can beat hashmi kajal tube IMO.


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